Pixiu (pronounced Pishu) is an immortal non-sapient dragon from the 2017 Continuum.


A large golden dragon, the ancient, mystical Chinese monster Pixiu fed on gold and had the ability to smell it from a distance. Despite his lack of wings, Pixiu was capable of flight. At some point, Pixu was turned to stone, with a gong attached to him that, if rung three times, would turn him back to normal. The petrified Pixiu was acquired through unknown means by Scrooge McDuck and hidden in his garage.

In 2017, Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck, along with Webby Vanderquack, accidentally rung the gong, releasing Pixiu, who attempted to devour the gold inside Scrooge's Money Bin. Thanks to the Ducks' courage and quick wits, however, Pixiu was turned back into stone using another mystical item of Scrooge's, the Medusa Gauntlet. The statue of Pixiu then broke apart, seemingly killing him.

At some later point however, Pixiu was brought back to life and tamed by the Ducks, who happily rode on his back; Webby Vanderquack went on describe riding a dragon as one of her 30 favorite things. However, Pixiu was still dangerous, antagonizing Launchpad and Louie on two occasions, and was eventually locked up in the Other Bin by Scrooge McDuck.

Behind the scenesEdit

Loosely based on the Pixiu of Chinese folklore, Pixiu first appeared in 2017 in Woo-oo!, the pilot of DuckTales 2017. He is one of the characters specifically created for the series, who presumably does not have a counterpart in the regular universe.

Pixiu appears briefly in the series' opening credits, guarding an underground treasure chamber, something which he has never been observed to do in actual narrative content. He went on to reappear in 30 Things With DuckTales (which establishes he survived the events of Woo-oo!), the Wand IDs, and in the unofficial animation Launchpad McQuackThe Other Bin of Scrooge McDuck mentions that Scrooge keeps "a dragon" in the titular Other Bin; it is unclear whether this is Pixiu or a separate draconic monster. 

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