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Plain Awful is a square valley in Peru, northwest of Cuzco. Its only law is, should a person bring anything round to Plain Awful, he must live the rest of his days in the stone quarry.



Plain Awful was founded sometime before 1863. For then, the American professor, Rhutt Betler, discovered the valley. He taught the Awfultonians English. He was there for two years, until in 1865, when he left. He took some of the city's square eggs, with him. He didn't tell anyone about the town, for he died just after he gave the eggs to a man and his son.

86 years later in 1949, some of the eggs were found. Donald Duck and his nephews, Huey, Dewey and Louie, were sent in an expedition to find the square eggs. They found the town, and brought some square roosters home.

Some time after that, Donald went back there again with his uncle Scrooge and the triplets, for the roosters were about to die of the new surroundings, and Scrooge wanted a contract for square eggs. But they don't know that Flintheart Glomgold was following them. When the ducks arrived, Scrooge and Flintheart didn't get a contract, and they swore never to go there again.

The Ducks arrives to Plain Awful second time.