Plan Dine from Outer Space is a comic story written, penciled and inked by Casty. It features Mickey Mouse and Eega Beeva, and, in their debut, the President of the U.S.A., Galacius Greymatter, P.E.R.C.Y., Iris-OneEye-Claudius and Roddencone.


In the crazy heist of the century, the Moon has somehow been stolen. Eega Beeva and Mickey Mouse wander off into space in a music-powered space-car to investigate. It's only the beginning of a crazy cosmic romp featuring planet-eating worms, one-eyed sweethearts and alien geniuses

Behind the scenesEdit

This story was first printed in Topolino #2845. It was printed in English in Mickey Mouse #315. (Interestingly, this printing changes the title character from Eega Beeva to Mickey Mouse.) As per the American tradition, the dialogue was not only translated, but also reworked, by Joe Torcivia, and Casty reportedly praised the resulting comic.

The English title is a reference to the infamous Ed Wood film Plan Nine from Outer Space, though its plot bears little resemblance to that of Casty's story beyond both being weird, implausible but likable sci-fi.

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