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Pluckahontas is a possible name for an anonymous female anthropomorphic duck.


According to some sources, Clinton Coot's mother was a female Native American duck with whom Cornelius Coot fell in love. Though they bore a son together, it is likely they were not married.[1]

Behind the scenes

Pluckahontas was conceived as the mother of Clinton Coot and love interest of Cornelius Coot by Don Rosa, though she never actually appeared in any story. She has only been really seen in a tribute to Don Rosa drawn by an artist who signed "M. W.", depicted on this page. Prominent Donaldist Gilles Maurice gave her the name of "Pluckahontas". This name has not been used in any official capacity, although it is commonly used by fans

Notes and References

  1. All this was stated by Don Rosa: "I treated Cornelius like all the ancestors of my tree. Note that only characters that appear in the upper branches have entirely defined family relationships and there is no room for additions. The characters displayed on the trunk are simply ancestors, and there are many other possible relatives in this area. Still, I don't think there was another son or daughter of Cornelius other than Clinton. And in the American pioneer spirit, I would say that Cornelius' wife was probably an Indian squaw... and I doubt they were married."