Pluto's Judgement Day is a cartoon story. It features Pluto, Mickey's Kitten, Mickey Mouse, and, in Pluto's dream, the Cat Prosecutor, the Cat Jury, the Cat Judge, a cat version of Lady Justice, the Flat Cat, the Cat Doctor, the Cat Patient, the Cat Triplets, Uncle Tom, and various residents of the cat underworld.

Description Edit

Pluto, after chasing a cat, is scolded by Mickey, who angrily tells him that he'll "have a lot to answer for on his judgement day". Pluto falls asleep and dreams that he has been taken to the cat underworld, where he is on trial by the corrupt cat judicial system for all the cats that he has harmed. He is declared guilty, and wakes up as he is being lowered into a pit of flame in the dream. This manifests in the real world as an ember from the fireplace burning Pluto's tail, causing him to panic and jump into the tub in which Mickey is bathing the kitten. Mickey, laughing, tells Pluto and the kitten to "kiss and make up". Pluto is apprehensive at first, but warms up to the kitten when it licks his nose. Pluto, smiling, licks him back.

Behind the scenes Edit

Pluto's Judgement Day was released as part of the Mickey Mouse film series in August of 1935.

The scene featuring the three cat triplets and their "Uncle Tom" has been cut from most television airings of the short, due to the cat girls resembling stereotypical African-American caricatures of the day, and the name "Uncle Tom" being a reference to the character in the numerous blackface melodramas loosely based on the novel Uncle Tom's Cabin. The scene is usually, however, restored when the film appears as part of VHS and DVD collections.

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