Pocket Princesses is an unlicensed webcomic series by Amy Mebberson featuring the Disney Princesses.


Pocket Princesses takes the form of a series of cartoons featuring any number of Disney Princesses, in a loose setting where they all appear to be rooming together for unclear reasons, and is best reckoned to be some sort of parallel universe. The personalities and features of the various characters clashing in comedic ways provides most of the series' humor.


[(Characters marked with a * may not canonically exist in the Disney Comics universe, outside of the “Pocket Princesses” continuity.)]




  1. Pocket Princesses No.0
  2. 3 p.m. Team and Narcolepsy
  3. Pocket Princesses No.2
  4. Summer Cut
  5. Party Shoes
  6. The New Girl
  7. No Tail, No Talk
  8. Pocket Princesses No.7
  9. Pie
  10. My Little Pony
  11. I See the Light
  12. The Fan
  13. CHARGE!!!
  14. Chatterboxes
  15. The Borrower
  16. Mystery
  17. Application
  18. People Skills
  19. Language Barrier
  20. Old Habits Die Hard
  21. Experiment
  22. Bears
  23. Merida's First Tea Party
  24. Finding Snow White
  25. Pocket Princesses No.24
  26. Pocket Princesses No.25
  27. The New Look
  28. Behind the Frocks
  29. Busy Belle
  30. Weapons on the Table!
  31. The Imposter
  32. Visitin'
  33. Pocket Princesses No.31
  34. Fall
  35. Reel Time
  36. Princess Time Lords
  37. Beignets
  38. Pocket Princesses No.35
  39. Table Manners
  40. Sidekick Envy
  41. Successful Thanksgiving
  42. Workout
  43. The Charming Initiative
  44. Que Que Natura (Or Not!)
  45. Pocket Princesses No.44
  46. Club Oscar
  47. Dinglehoppers
  48. The Escapee
  49. Last Straw
  50. Gong Xi Fa Cai!
  51. Pocket Princesses No.50
  52. Faceplant
  53. Agoraphobia
  54. Book Club
  55. Strange Ornaments
  56. Addiction
  57. Bubble Bath
  58. Dinner Theater
  59. Jump Rope
  60. Coronation
  61. Star Wars Weekend
  62. Humidity
  63. Some Like It Hot
  64. Morning People
  65. Willpower
  66. Best Couch Ever
  67. SAN DIEGO CON 2013
  68. Lucky Tea
  69. Happy D23 Expo!
  70. Berry-picking
  71. Sleepytime
  72. No Doors!
  73. Perfect Pitch
  74. Friday the 13th
  75. Slumber Party
  76. Fixer-upper
  77. Test Menu
  78. Table Manners Part II
  79. Leftovers
  80. New Chalk
  81. New Rug
  82. Haggis
  83. Wishing Well

Behind the scenesEdit

Pocket Princesses was the result of a single sketch cartoon posted in November of 2011 on Tumblr by Mebberson which had such unexpected success that she turned it into a series, with all subsequent installments posted weekly on the same Tumblr blog. Though Pocket Princesses was never officially endorsed by Disney, it more than likely led to Amy Mebberson being chosen as the sole author the Disney Princesses comics in the mid-2010's, which she drew in a very similar style (though Disney forbid the Princesses meet).

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