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Poe De Spell is an anthropomorphic duck who has been turned into a talking raven.


Poe is actually Magica De Spell's younger brother. During her earliest dabblings in black magic, the witch accidentally turned him into a raven with a very powerful spell she has been unable to break ever since. Poe occasionally helps Magica in her plots to get her hands on Scrooge McDuck's Lucky Dime, as the dime would grant Magica enough power to finally turn him back; however, he is not truly malevolent and has been known to socialize with the Ducks.

Behind the scenes

Poe De Spell was created as a replacement for Magica's usual raven sidekick, Ratface, in DuckTales. The reason for the change is unknown, as is whether Poe, in his real form, possesses magical powers similar to Magica's.

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