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Polly, also known as the Pixilated Parrot is a parrot with a habit for counting everything he sees.


The Pixilated Parrot was found by Huey, Dewey, and Louie at the same seaport at which they discovered Singapore Joe. It was given to them by a sailor because it had annoyed the crew so much with it's counting habit. They brought it home, and by-and-by, Uncle Scrooge discovered and stole it. He began to use it to help him remember his safe combination, because it memorized the numbers and would repeat it back to him. However, burglars broke in that night, and hearing the parrot repeating the combination, they stole much of Scrooge's money. Scrooge did not know this, and when the parrot escaped out an open window, he sent Donald and the boys to track him down because he still couldn't remember his safe combination. The parrot soon walked onto a ship, and when Donald and HD&L followed him onto it, it left port. They all ended up in a port town in the tropics, where the parrot fell in love with another parrot. However, he deserted her when he found that she had eight children. By then, Scrooge had discovered that his money was missing. The Ducks and the parrot went home, only to find that the parrot had memorized the burglar's hideout address. In celebration of getting his money back, Scrooge took his nephews and Polly out to dinner. However, he still could not remember his vault combination, and so could not pay for dinner. The Ducks had to wash dishes to pay, while the parrot sat and counted them. It is likely that the parrot still lives in Duckburg, although he may have gone back to the tropics.

Behind the scenes

The parrot first appeared in The Pixilated Parrot in 1950.