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The Pop-Up Ghosts are a category of ghost found in the Haunted Mansion.


Pop-Up Ghosts are a large number of ghosts residing in the Haunted Mansion whose particular brand of scaring is to crouch down in unexpected places and then leap up when mortals pass by to give them a fright, often while shrieking. One of the Pop-Ups, Willie, is nicknamed “Willie the Wisp” and was a professional hide-and-seek champion in life.

At least five Pop-Ups existed in the Mansion's Attic between 1969 and 1996, as well as two similar Blast-Up Ghosts. They dressed in white shrouds and shrieked at mortal guests. By 1996, several accounts state that the Attic was occupied by five Pop-Ups dressed like groomsmen, who mocked the Beating Heart Bride with cackling "I do!"s — it is unclear if these were the same old Pop-Ups, redressed for the occasion, or different spooks altogether; while spinning a wild tale of the Mansion's backstory, the Ghost Host once suggested that the Pop-Up Groomsmen were the ghosts of the Ghost Host's old pirate crew whom he murdered, who appeared before the Bride on her wedding day and frightened her to death.

Around eight Pop-Ups have always resided in the Graveyard of the Mansion, usually popping up at the end of each verse of the other celebrating spooks' song Grim Grinning Ghosts.

Behind the scenes

The Pop-Up Ghosts appear in all versions of The Haunted Mansion, beginning with the Disneyland version, which opened in 1969.