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Popeye the Sailor is a human being.


The cantankerous, coarse, uneducated sailor Popeye is also a hero of a kind, protecting the innocent from bullies like Bluto. The colorful character appears to be a friend of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse to some extent, having been invited to their wedding in 1937.

Popeye was, like Mickey, the star of a comic and cartoon series and as such the model of a Toon who was present at Marvin Acme's funeral in 1947 as a pall-bearer alongside Toon Goofy. Such is Popeye's fame that he was is one of the characters whom the Genie once mimicked.

Behind the scenes

A non-Disney character, Popeye first appeared in 1929 in a strip of the Thimble Theatre comic-strip. He met Mickey for the first time in Mickey's Wedding (1937), one of Vlastimir Belkić's 1930's, uncontrolled contributions to the Disney Comics mythos, and has made other cameo appearances since.