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Porker Hogg was an anthropomorphic hog.


In the second half of the 19th century, Porker Hogg was a businessman based in Louisville who owned several steamboats, including the Dilly Dollar, the River Witch and the River Belle. Hogg loved gambles and wagers, and often played poker for days on end. He was not outright villainous, but had no qualms cheating his opponents.

In 1870, he and fellow riverboat captain Pothole McDuck wagered the ownership of a Southern mansion called the Cornpone Gables on the outcome of a steamboat race from Natchez to Buzzard's Bend. Unfortunately, his River Belle blew its boilers while Pothole McDuck's Cotton Queen hit a snag; with both boats at the bottom of the Mississippi, the fate of the mansion remained undecided until 1955, when the race was finished by Pothole's nephew Scrooge McDuck versus Porker's nephew Horseshoes Hogg.

In 1880, he once again raced Pothole McDuck, although not as a sporting event; this time, it was to be first to claim ownership of the precious sunken cargo of yet another steamboat, the Drennan Whyte, which only Pothole knew the location of. However, Porker was double-crossed by his newly-employed goons, the Beagle Boys.

Behind the scenes

Porker Hogg was first cited in the 1955 story The Great Steamboat Race. However, he didn't appear in person until the 1992 story The Master of the Mississippi.

In one instance, Mayor Hogwilde was instead referred to as "Mayor Hogg", though it's unlikely this makes him related to Porker and Horseshoes Hogg.