The Possé of the Azzure-And-Emerald Panther is a malevolent secret organization.

Description Edit

The Possé of the Azure-And-Emerald Panther are a fearsome secret society, and presumably one of the Horde of the Violet Hare's inexplicably numerous copycats-slash-rivals. The Possé is associated with another of the Hare-based secret societies, the Gang of the Green Gorilla, as both have the strange goal of convincing the populace that certain types of exotic wildlife are actual green (and/or blue). To achieve their goal, the Possé are speculated by the G.G.G. to have manipulated media; case in point, an issue of the Pink Panther comic book where the title font was colored green and blue in addition to pink.

Behind the scenes Edit

The Possé of the Azure-And-Emerald Panther was created by an anonymous reader of Joe Torcivia's The Issue At Hand.

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