Pound Problems is a comic story drawn by Jack Bradbury. It features Donald Duck, Daisy Duck and Gyro Gearloose.


Gyro Gearloose decides to help Donald Duck with losing weight, and gives him experimental weightlessness pills. Donald takes too many, and, before he floats away, has to be fed some even more experimental weight-increasing pills… but it seems Gyro cannot not go too far in either direction, as Donald is now too heavy for even the sidewalk to support him!

Behind the scenesEdit

This story was first printed in 1956 in Donald Duck #50. It was reprinted in the Australian Donald Duck #168, as well as in the Australian Donald Duck #9 and #92.

Additionally, a remake entitled Weight Problems was created in 1975 for unknown reasons. Weight Problems has not, to date, been printed in English.

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