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Preaching To The Choir is a comic story written by Cory Doctorow and drawn by Christopher. It features the Organist and the Organ Banshees, and, in minor roles, Edgar the Raven, the Duelists and some Ballroom Dancers. The Birthday Girl, Count Dracula and Master Gracey are heavily mentioned but do not appear. Also featured is the Laughing Ghost.


The Haunted Mansion's Organist tells a grisly story of how the Organ Banshees and the Laughing Ghost came to be, wherein which they were a children's choir and its choir master whom the Organist led to their doom so that he could have musical accompaniment…



  • The story provides explanations for two elements of the The Haunted Mansion (1969) ride, namely the mortal identities of the Organ Banshees and the Laughing Ghost. The former identification is, however, somewhat doubtful, as Organ Banshees already appear in stories set in the Mansion prior to a time period allowing for the presence of the schoolbus that is key to Geist's tall tale.
  • The story opens with Victor Geist (mis)quoting Count Dracula's speech about "his children of the night" and the "music they make" from Universal's notorious Dracula (1931) starring Bela Lugosi. There is thus a vague implication of the film, or something close to it, being canonical to the Prime Universe; moreover, some metafictional fun is had, as the Organist's musing that Lord Dracul has absolutely no ear for music matches the notorious fact that the 1931 film does not contain any incidental soundtrack, the only music appearing in the opening credits.

Behind the scenes

This story was intended to be published in SLG's The Haunted Mansion #8. However, the book was cancelled before The Haunted Mansion #8 was printed, and the story in fact only saw the light of day, in February of 2010, in Volume 2 of SLG's Haunted Mansion trade paperbacks.