The President is an anthropomorphic duck from Soccer Donald's World.


This plump anthropomorphic duck is the president of the Duckburg European Football team in Soccer Donald's World. He is not truly corrupt, truly wanting the best for the team, but he is prone to underhanded tactics in pursuing that goal; most notably, in 2003, he "sold" star player and fan-favorite Donald Duck to a foreign team, in the hope of improving team balance as a whole, and only informed Donald of this after the fact.

Behind the scenesEdit

This character first appeared in 2003 in Donald Duck and the Alternate Lives.

It is unknown quite when Soccer Donald's World's timeline diverged from the Prime Universe's, but it seems to have done so rather recently. It is thus probable that the President has a counterpart in the Prime Universe, though he might not be the president of the Duckburg soccer team there.

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