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The Prime Universe, also known as the Disney Comics Universe, Disney Universe, Duckverse or DuckWorld, among other names, is the universe in which most stories take place.


The Prime Universe is, from some perspectives, the central location of the Multiverse. A major focal location of the Prime Universe is the Solar System. Outside of the Solar System, locations of interest in the Prime Universe include the planet of the Micro-Ducks, NeverlandMono-Ocularis, Anatidae, and Beeva, among others.

Many alternate universes are in fact variations of the Prime Universe, with some or many elements changed. Travel between the Prime Universe and other universes is possible but difficult, and usually through some type of invention or through magic.

Beings from other universes sometimes arrive in the Prime, although Negaduck is perhaps the only being from outside the Prime to relocate there permanently. Incidentally, it was also he, alongside Magica De Spell, who coined the term 'Prime' in reference to this universe and its inhabitants.


According to one account, the whole of the Prime Universe was dreamed into existence by an unimaginable monster known as C'rruso. Periodically, agents on Earth representing C'rruso's subconscious would fight to decide whether C'rruso would rise, the understanding being that if C'rruso awoke from its slumber, the dream would end and so would the universe as well as the independent existence of all the conscious individuals within it.[1]

In the old legends of the Elves, Donald Duck's world was created by a benevolent pantheon of Elder Gods; in its early days it brimmed with magic, but as a renegade god of their own cohort had corrupted the essence of magic itself, tainting it with darkness, the other Elder Gods channeled most of the Prime Universe's magic into another world, later known to Donald as the World Beyond.[2]

Behind the scenes

The Prime Universe first appeared in 1923 in Alice's Wonderland.

Notes and References

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