The Primitive-Type Cavepeople were a species anthropomorphic-dog-like humanoids who existed in the short-lived Goofified Timeline, a corrupted version of the Prime Universe.

Description[edit | edit source]

When Goofy carelessly used one of the Time Pods of Professor Von Drake's Time Machine to travel back to the Jurassic period, he caused a disturbance in the fabric of Time, and echoes of himself (both in appearance and personality) were spread throughout the past and present. Not only were various lifeforms (from dinosaurs to the human denizens of 2019) warped into "goofified" versions of themselves, this also caused the creation, in the Jurassic period, of an entirely new race of beings.

Crudely resembling Goofy, and wearing caveman attire compounded by Goofy-like hats and gloves, this fanged horde could not apparently speak, only emitting grunts that sounded like Goofy's trademark "Hyuck" laugh (though they clearly did not mean it as a laugh). Goofy, who seemed to have a telepathic control over them due to their being temporal extensions of himself, fashioned himself their king, dubbing them "primitive-type cavepeople".

Soon, however, Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck arrived in the Jurassic, having borrowed the other Time Pod to put right the damage dealt to the timeline by the unwitting Goofy. Escaping the horde of Primitive-Type Cavepeople, they abducted Goofy and brought him back to 2019, unmaking the entire Goofified Timeline and thus erasing the Primitive-Type Cavepeople from existence.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

The Primitive-Type Cavepeople appear in the 2019 story Outta Time.

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