Doctor Primly Allworth is a male anthropomorphic dog.


A self-appointed "moral guardian" and education expert, Doctor Primly Allworth launched a one-man crusade against the "corrupting influence" of superhero comic books such as Super Snooper in 1979. He wrote soul-crushingly boring morality plays under the title of Golden Tales for Tiny Tots, which he touted as superior, healthier reading material for growing youths.

His lectures under the sigil of the Guardians of Morality society (of which he was obviously the only actual member) led to his meeting Donald Duck, who briefly worked for him until the fact that Donald actually liked Super Snooper, a fact which he had obviously kept hidden from Doctor Allworth up until then.

Behind the scenesEdit

Primly Allworth is the main antagonist of the 1979 story Twilight Man.

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