Prince Achmed is or was a human man.


Prince Achmed was an ancient foreign prince who was one of Princess Jasmine of Agrabah's many suitors. Achmed, although handsome and refined, was also a vain and vindictive man, cruel to the poor. Jasmine rejected him instantly and sicced her pet tiger Rajah on him. Achmed stormed out of Agrabah with his pants torn.

Behind the scenesEdit

Princess Achmed first appeared in the 1992 film Aladdin.

He is an allusion to The Adventures of Prince Achmed, a 1926 non-Disney animated film and possibly the first-ever animated feature film, which focused on the titular character (who was far from a pompous moron) but also featured Aladdin as a side character.

In the Aladdin TV series, Prince Achmed does not appear, but a similar (albeit less villainous) character, Prince Wazoo, was created to fill a similar role as a snooty foreign prince and suitor of Jasmine.

In the 2013 parody musical Twisted: The Untold Story of a Royal Vizier, where Jafar is a good character, Prince Achmed is elevated to main antagonist, as he takes more realistic offense at a foreign princess setting a tiger on him and declares war on the "Magic Kingdom" (Agrabah). Throughout the musical, Achmed complains at Jasmine "treating him like a throwaway joke", in allusion to the canonical Achmed's status as, indeed, something of a throwaway joke.

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