Prince Cad Ali Cad was an anthropomorphic duck.


A perfect lookalike of Donald Duck, Prince Cad Ali Cad was born the son of an unnamed Proto-Elamite who ruled around 3000 BC. In life, he remembered having raised chariot horses near Itsa Faka. Cad Ali Cad was engaged to marry Princess Needa Bara Soapa, the daughter of King Nevvawaza. Refusing to do so, he escaped to the Driers, and was turned to dust.

Thousands of years later, Cad Ali Cad was revived by Huey, Dewey, and Louie Duck, who hoped to save Donald (brought to Persia by a power-hungry Mad Scientist and initially mistaken for his ancient doppelgänger) from having to marry the newly-resurrected Princess by producing the real Prince. Cad, still unwilling to marry the Princess, quickly tried to escape, but was captured alongside Donald. Because neither could be distinguished from each other, they were both arrested by the king.

Late that night, the kids snuck in and tried to free Donald, but helped Cad by mistake, as they realized only once they were too far away to quickly remedy their mistake. Cad, unnerved by modern life and desperate to return to the past that he remembered, fled back to Itsa Faka. Unbeknownst to the Prince, the ancient city had been filled with Radium Vapor. Coming into contact with it, Cad was reduced to dust once more, scattered along the ground and unlikely to be restored again.

Behind the scenesEdit

Prince Cad Ali Cad first appeared in In Ancient Persia in 1950. He has never reappeared, except in covers illustrating the story.

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