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Prince Florian is a human man.


The crown prince of a kingdom in the Black Forest, Prince Florian grew up into a charming young man who travelled through the surrounding kingdoms in search of love — which he found in the form of the teenaged Princess Snow White, whom he briefly met while she slaved away, in a servant's rags, at her wicked stepmother's castle.

After Queen Grimhilde put Snow White under a curse of Sleeping Death, Florian, who had escaped the Queen's dungeons where the sorceress had trapped him, broke the curse with a kiss and took Snow White with him back to his own castle.

The two furthered their romance — forged in fire through the attempts at vengeance of Grimhilde's brother Lord Maliss, and later of a not-so-dead Grimhilde herself — and were later blissfully married; they had a son, Glauco. As he grew up, Florian was often tasked by his father with knightly duties, and he became a fearsome warrior.

Behind the scenes

He first appeared in 1937 in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Though Florian's hair is clearly jet-black in the original film, it has steadfastly been colored as light, reddish brown in all other media, starting with the comic strip in 1937, a change reflected in the animated sequel Happily Ever After (though Filmation had its own reasons for not sticking too close to the established design besides). The reason for this is unknown. (His hair was also colored blond in some comics, such as the original printing of The Seven Dwarfs' Diamond Mine Job, but that is obviously just a random mistake.)

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