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Prince Petra was a male anthropomorphic bird.


Friendly Prince Petra was the ruler of the city of Petras thousands of years before 1965. Fearing that the tyrant Salamander the Great (ruler of Salamander City) might plot to invade his city with the element of surprise, the Prince sent his Superspy to Salamander City in disguise. Though unsuccessful in the original timeline, the Superspy managed to get back in the version of history that resulted from Scrooge McDuck and Donald Duck traveling back to before the Battle of Petras aboard Gyro Gearloose's B.C. Buggy, which averted the Battle of Petras altogether. In thanks, the Prince, after awarding the Superspy warm congratulations, gave him a golden "hero medal".

Behind the scenes

Prince Petra appears in the 1965 story Battle of Petras.