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Princess Jasmine is a human woman.


Born in the ancient city of Agrabah, Jasmine is the daughter of the Sultan, who was a doting father to her but became more and more overprotective of her as time passed (though he did allow her a pet tiger). Unlike her father, Jasmine always saw right through the treacherous grand vizier Jafar. Jasmine eventually eloped from the palace and met Aladdin, with whom she fell in love. After various misadventures, Jafar was defeated by Aladdin and the Sultan authorized the marriage, although the two lovers decided to wait and have adventures all over the world before they tied the knot and settled down. They eventually did so, of course, though it did not prevent them from adventuring again now and then.

Behind the scenesEdit

Princess Jasmine first appeared as a character in the 1992 film Aladdin.

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