Princess Needa Bara Soapa is an anthropomorphic dog.


During her life around 3000 B.C., this princess was the daughter of King Nevvawaza of Itsa Faka; neither terribly bright nor very independent of mind, she was of a merry and easy disposition, always going along with whatever her "Papa" said with a satisfied smile on her face. She turned herself into dust using the Radium Vapor when Prince Cad Ali Cad refused to marry her. Centuries later, a Mad Scientist abducted Donald and his nephews to use as helpers, in order to excavate the palace of Itsa Faka, in Persia.

After uncovering the palace, the scientist discovered a royal bathtub and the dust of the members of a royal family. With some chemical reactions, he managed to revive the king and his daughter. The king initially mistook Donald for the ancient prince, and tried to force him to marry the Princess. Huey, Dewey and Louie attempted to free him, with no luck. Donald and the princess, were nearly married, until the mad scientist intervened, having found the secret substance that turns people to dust. Donald attacked him and the canister in which the vapor was contained, broke.

The Princess, and her father, his retinue and the Scientist were turned to dust again.

Behind the scenes Edit

The Princess first appeared in In Ancient Persia.

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