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Professor Acme is an anthropomorphic eagle.

Description[edit | edit source]

A genius scientist with as devious a mind as his fashion sense is garish, Professor Acme developed Light-Proof Suits, which granted their wearers a form of invisibility. Bent on world domination, he wished to upgrade the range of effect of his technology, allowing him to build an of armies of soldiers who, being invisible, would be impossible to fight off.

To raise the funds he needed, he recruited a couple of thugs in Mouseton and ran a rather unlikely scam: after having his invisible goons cause some racket in unsuspecting folk's houses, he would swoop in under the guise of an insurance salesman, blame their troubles on "poltergeists", and interest them in a prohibitively expensive anti-poltergeist insurance policy.

After successfully scamming such varied people as Goofy and billionaire Bernard Banknote, however, Acme was found out by Mickey Mouse and Miss Twinkle, and he and his henchpeople were arrested and imprisoned by Chief O'Hara

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Professor Acme is the main antagonist of the 2003 comic story Poltergeist Panic.

As Acme is the name he used as an insurance salesman, which was a ruse, it is possible that it is not actually his real name, though the story does not clarify this point.

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