Professor Batty is a male anthropomorphic dog.


Professor Batty is a nutty quack-researcher from Duckburg with a tendency to grab onto the wackiest hypotheses imaginable and write long treatises about them. Though this makes him look like something of a con artist (as he then attempts, very forcefully, to sell said books and theories to any passersby who catch his attention), Batty appears to genuinely believe whatever theory he's currently upholding.

Batty first crossed paths with Donald Duck in 1953 with his theory of “flipism”, about which he had written Science of Flipism. After following flipist teachings got him into quite a bit of trouble, however, Donald ran Batty out of town. He took several decades to work up the courage to return, and, when he did, his insanity apparently allowed him to notice what all before him had missed: the fact that scarcely any inhabitants of Duckburg had aged a day since the 1950's (in fact, that strangel timelessness included himself).

Working out the hypothesis that it was a side-effect of having your life told in comic-books, Batty wrote the book Time Has Stopped in Duckburg to showcase this theory. After tweaking out to the even more preposterous notion that it was reading comic-books regularly that prevented aging, he scrapped Time and instead began work on a second book, entitled Reading Comic Books Rejuvenates.

Behind the scenesEdit

Professor Batty made his debut in the 1953 Carl Barks story Flip Decision, and subsequently reappeared in a few illustrations and finally in a major role in the 2014 anniversary story, Family Ties.

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