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Professor Hermit is an anthropomorphic duck.


A member of the Duckburg Space Exploration Academy and good friend to Professor Pintail, Doctor Drake and General McQuack, Professor Hermit blasted off into space on a test flight in 1962, and didn't return for a whole year, eventually prompting the Academy to send Donald Duck to look for him aboard another rocket.

Donald discovered that the misanthropic scientist had discovered a new inhabitable planet and refused to return from there, instead meaning to spend the rest of his life there. He built rocket-traschans with which to blast his trash out of the planet, keeping his heavenly paradise clean.

However, within days of arriving, Donald (whose ship had crashed precisely because it had hit one of the flying trashcans in flight) rendered the planet uninhabitable by rousing a volcano and causing the rebirth of a predatory species. Escaping with Donald and his nephews aboard one of the flying trashcans, Hermit made his way back to Earth, having learned his lesson about there being no place like home.

Behind the scenes

Professor Hermit appears in the 1963 story Beyond The Moon.