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Professo Livingstump is an anthropomorphic dog.


Professor Livingstump is a well-respected scientist and is the Dean of Zoology at the Duckburg Univerity. Livingstump was highly involved with the opening of a new zoo for Duckburg in 1962, and wished to capture a pink-eyed rhinoceras for the zoo. For this purpose, he hired Donald Duck (then an expert marksman) to catch the beast using soporific arrows. Possibly inspired by his own family name, Livingstump also possessed a portable hunter's hide camouflaged as a dead tree stump, which he used to sneak around in forests without attracting the notice of the wild animals he was trying to observe.

Behind the scenesEdit

Professor Livingstump only ever appeared in the 1962 Carl Barks story Jungle Bungle. His name is, of course, a pun on that of Doctor Livingstone.

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