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Professor Mollicule is a male dognose.


Professor Mollicule is a renowned "scientific expert", whose areas of expertise include robotics, chemistry, and atomics.

In 1947, when he invented an atom bomb, Donald Duck invited Professor Mollicule and the foreign authority Professor Sleezy to come examine it. Though they confirmed that it was more than just a firecracker, Mollicule and Sleezy were unable to determine exactly what that bomb was capable of, which only became apparent when Sleezy stole it and accidentally fired it (it turned out it dissolved human hair, to the exclusion of anything else).

Later, Scrooge McDuck hired Mollicule to invent a new kind of rocket fuel that would allow an old aeroplane to fly into space for cheap (which Scrooge wanted to use to recover used satellites before they burned up in the atmosphere). Though Mollicule's invention was successful, the project as a whole was a failure, and Scrooge dissolved the project and sacked him.

Mollicule, reconverted to robotics, was finally hired by the Duckburg Robotics Inc. at some point before 2004, and participated in the development of the super house-keeping robot Percy (or "M-16X"). Due to his lackadaisical, absent-minded nature, however, Mollicule was also responsible for accidentally sending Percy to a regular customer rather than the large hotels it had been meant for, leading to chaos as Percy overachieved his duties in Donald's tiny house, rendering it uninhabitable.

Behind the scenes

Professor Mollicule was first seen in Carl Barks's 1947 story Donald Duck's Atom Bomb and has made sporadic appearances ever since.