Professor Mollicule is a minor character of the Transitory and Golden Eras.

Donald Duck's Atom Bomb

During his first appearance, he was described as an atomic scientist or an atomic bomb expert, who was summoned by Donald to investigate his atom bomb that went "Fut!" instead of "Boom!".

Professor Mollicule brought along foreign professor and expert Sleezy, who ended up being a spy.

It is implied that Mollicule has ties to the US government, as he wanted to test Donald's bomb in the federal laboratory.

The Duck Who Fell to Earth

Mollicule's area of expertise seems to have been expanded in later years, as he had found a cheap way to fly to space and grap falling satelites before they burn up due to re-entry friction.

Scrooge hired him, but after one failed flight, Scrooge liquidated the McDuck Satelite Salvage Co., firing Pr. Mollicule in the process.


  • "Mollicule" is a distortion of the term "molecule".
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