Professor Sleezyis a male dognose.


A renowned foreign atomic scientist, known to Professor Mollicule as an expert, Professor Sleezy was called by Mollicule to investigate the bomb created by amateur chemist Donald Duck in 1947. Though unable to determine precisely what the bomb's radiations would disintegrate (in truth, it was human hair, which bald Mollicule and Sleezy, and feathered Donald, had been in no position to notice), Sleezy could tell that the object was quite powerful; revealing himself to be a spy, Sleezy absconded with the bomb. However, Donald and friends were able to stop him before he left Duckburg, and he was subsequently imprisoned.

Behind the scenes

Professor Sleezy was first seen in Carl Barks's 1947 story Donald Duck's Atom Bomb and has made a few cameo appearances since.

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