Professor Von Dumbikhan, sometimes known within the fandom as Lucinda Von Drake, is a man of unknown species.


Professor Von Dumbikhan is a once-renowned archeologist who discovered evidence of a visit to an ancient people of the Indus sub-continent by aliens known as the Otherworlders. Despite the hard evidence he presented (such as ancient stone tablets), his theory was rejected by over-zealous skeptics and Von Dumbikhan was disgraced — except in the eyes of Scrooge McDuck, who, sniffing out an opportunity for a treasure-hunt, used his research to locate the Temple of the Otherworlders (formerly lost to the jungle) in 2002. Unfortunately, circumstances made it so that Scrooge and family were unable to bring back proof of their discoveries, and Von Dumbikhan stayed a madman in the eye of the scientific community.

Behind the scenesEdit

Professor Von Dumbikhan was only ever mentioned in the 2002 story Planet of the Oafs.

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