NonDisney The Pure Elixir is an alchemical liquid.


The Pure Elixir, described by Mandragora-257 as “the masterpiece of alchemical craft”, is a liquid capable of creating gold out of “base metals” such as lead, similar to the Philosopher's Stone.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Pure Elixir first appeared on November the 1st, 2019 in the The Crew of the Copper-Colored Cupids comic story All That Sparkles Is Not Concrete.

In real-life alchemical lore, the Pure Elixir that turns lead into gold is usually conflated with the Elixir of Life which grants eternal life. However, The Dark Cabaret makes it clear that due to his evil, Mandragora-257 was unable to brew the Elixir of Life correctly, in contrast to his having long ago mastered the Pure Elixir, confirming that they are two distinct substances in the Prime Universe as far as the Cupids series is concerned.

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