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The Quicksand Men were three human men who are now ghosts.


The Quicksand Men were a trio of well-dressed 19th century people who died in the peculiar manner of standing in a totem pole as they slowly, unwittingly sunk into the quicksand below. They drowned in the quicksand, but their ghosts lived on in the Haunted Mansion, their fate memorialized in one of the Stretching Portraits. Little is known about the Quicksand Men's personal history, with the various rumors about their life painting them out as anything from businessmen to gamblers. Some believe the top Quicksand Man to be none other than Phineas, the Hitchhiking Ghost, while other stories hold the three to have been a set of brothers, the Hobbs.

Behind the scenes

The Quicksand Men were were created by Marc Davis as Stretching Portraits in the Haunted Mansion ride, which opened in 1969.