Quiverwing Duck, formerly known as Darkwing Duck, is an anthropomorphic duck and the Quiverwing Universe's counterpart to Darkwing Duck.

Description Edit

An alternate-universe counterpart to Darkwing Duck, Quiverwing was originally a detective, working alongside his universe's counterpart to Gosalyn Mallard, who, in his universe, routinely patrolled the city as her secret identity, Quiverwing Quack. However, after Gosalyn's untimely death while on a mission, Darkwing adopted the mantle of Quiverwing in her honor, becoming an expert in archery and stopping crime with the help of his extremely wide range of arrows, ranging from the usual type to boomerang- or magnet- tipped arrows.

In 2011, Quiverwing was kidnapped by the dimension-traveling duo of Negaduck and Magica De Spell, who hypnotized him and forced him to cause chaos in the Prime Universe's version of St. Canard as part of a plot to discredit that universe's Darkwing Duck which involved setting loose hypnotized versions of Darkwing from across the Multiverse. Quiverwing managed to break into the Prime Universe Darkwing's house and attack him, before being knocked into the wall, breaking his hypnosis. Remembering who he really was, Quiverwing slipped out the window, and began to round up the other, still-hypnotized Darkwings to stop them from destroying the city. He then sneaked into Negaduck and Magica's headquarters beneath the city, stealing the the Hypnosis Charm and using it to break the hypnosis of the other Darkwings. Quiverwing then took part in the battle against Paddywhack, who had recently possessed Negaduck and was rampaging through the city.

After Paddywhack was defeated, Quiverwing, like the rest of the Darkwings, was sent back to his home universe, where he presumably continued with his normal life.

It is unclear whether Quiverwing was the adoptive father of the Gosalyn of his universe or if they were simply partners in fighting crime.

Behind the scenes Edit

Quiverwing Duck first appeared in Crisis on Infinite Darkwings in 2011, and later made cameo appearances in other stories, mostly in flashbacks to the aforementioned story.

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