The Quiverwing Universe is a parallel universe.

Description Edit

An alternate reality, the Quiverwing Universe seems to be much like the Prime Universe in most respects, except that, in this universe, Darkwing Duck was a detective who fought crime alongside Gosalyn Mallard (who, in this universe, fought crime as Quiverwing Quack on a regular basis, rather than only on occasion), before Gosalyn died on a mission, causing Darkwing to take up the mantle of Quiverwing Duck in her honor.

In 2011, Negaduck and the Magica De Spell of the Prime Universe traveled to the Quiverwing Universe, where they kidnapped that universe's version of Darkwing Duck (after a fight) as part of a plot to discredit the Prime Universe Darkwing.

Quiverwing Duck eventually managed to return to the universe via the Inter-Dimensional Express after the conflict in the Prime Universe had ended.

Behind the scenes Edit

The Quiverwing Universe first appeared in 2011 in Crisis on Infinite Darkwings.

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