RMS Titanic
Vital Statistics
Type Ocean Liner
Era Edwardian Era
Civilization English
Estimated Price 7.5 million $
Magical? No


On Wednesday 10 April 1912, Scrooge McDuck went abroad the Titanic from Southampton, planning to return to Duckburg in the USA and reconcile with his sisters.

As the Titanic voyaged in the Atlantic Scrooge and John Jacob Astor IV were amongst few of the passengers who had not already gone to sleep. John Jacob was trying to convince Scrooge to sell him the Candy-Stripped Ruby , but Scrooge was at the time, refusing.

At 23:29, an iceberg was spotted on the Titanic's path. Bombie the Zombie had been on it, searching for Scrooge . Despite that, it is highly unlikely that Bombie was the reason the Titanic sank. The Titanic collided with part of the iceberg, knocking John Jacob Astor IV ,who had almost convinced Scrooge to sell him the ruby for a big part of his fortune, off the starboard.

Scrooge called for someone to help Astor, and spotted a human figure, which he mistook for him. Nevertheless as he was giving it a hand on climbing up to the starboard (it is assumed that the figure had climbed part of the hull itself or that would have been impossible), it was revealed that the figure was actually Bombie the Zombie .

Scrooge rushed away from the zombie , and somehow managed to be dragged into a lifeboat. He was one of the few men to have been able to enter a lifeboat.


The Titanic shows up quite a few time in the rest of the universe.

  • Scrooge reused stock market ticker tape. He had Donald manually erase it and wind it back onto the reels. He had some ticker tape from the Titanic.
  • Gladstone managed to "fish" priceless wine from the Titanic, while Donald discovered canned food from its supplies.
  • Shortly after the Titanic sank, Scrooge had entertained the idea of searching for sunken treasures, therefore postponing his trip to the States once more.
  • In Scrooge's dreams, Bombie is "always on the iceberg", but as it must have been impossible for Scrooge to have seen him there, the logical conclusion of Bombie being on the iceberg must have been an action of his subconcious recalling and making sense out of past events.
  • When Donald and the Beagle Boys visit Scrooge's dreams, the Beagle Boys end up on the starboard, while Donald "spawned" within the cold sea and was rescued by a crewman.
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