The Radium Vapor is a chemical substance.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Radium Vapor was a highly dangerous pinkish radium vapor which would cause any organic matter, alongside inert objects in a very near radius to the living matter, to crumble into dust. This dust could be reshaped into the living beings using the Solution. The Vapor was kept in a special, sealed Dust Bowl and used by the Driers of ancient Itsa Faka as an equivalent to the Egyptian mummification process. In 1950, a Mad Scientist dug up the ruins of Itsa Faka, seeking the Vapor, which wanted to replicate and then use to wipe out all life on the planet Earth to own it for himself. However, he was made to drop the Bowl by Donald Duck; the seal broke, reducing the Persians the Scientist had resurrected back into dust, and he with them (though Donald survived by hiding in a pool of solution until the Vapor flew away into the atmosphere and dispersed).

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

The Radium Vapor appears prominently in the 1950 story In Ancient Persia.

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