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This page describes content which was not licensed by all relevant copyright-holders, though created by or with the help of an established official creator. Rain's World is a parallel universe similar to, but slightly different from, and sillier than, the Prime Universe.


Rain's World appears to be generally similar to the Prime Universe, at least as concerns the Haunted Mansion — which has its own Ghost Host, Constance Hatchaway, Madame Leota and even a Hatbox Ghost, who often goes by his mortal name, Charlie Hatfield. Despite having ostensibly different histories from what is known about the past of the Prime Universe versions of those spooks, they have similar personalities and relationships to one another. Another notable discrepancy between Rain's World and the Prime Universe is the individual who gives it its name: Rain, a mysterious young mortal with knowledge of the multiverse.

Index of concepts & individuals from Rain's World

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Behind the scenes

Rain's World is the default setting of the parodical The Haunted Mansion webseries Charlie's Head Is In The Hatbox.