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The Ram Rod, or Waddlemeyer Ram Rod, was a high-tech supeweapon.


Essentially a telekinesis ray, the Ram Rod was “a tachyon-specific device which disrupted gravitational bonds on a molecular level”, meaning it could allow remote gravity-free manipulation of arbitrarily large objects at which the “cannon” was pointed, up to and including whole buildings. Due to its awesome destructive potential, the machine's inventor, Professor Waddlemeyer, locked it under an activation code consisting of a sequence of colours, which only he knew — although he passed the code onto his unsuspecting granddaughter Gosalyn in the form of a lullaby. After Waddlemeyer's assassination by Taurus Bulba's gang, the weapon was taken into custody by the U.S. army, though they could not use it for lack of the codes. It was stolen back by Bulba a little while later, and the criminal mastermind attempted to use it to rob all of St. Canard from the top of St. Canard Tower — after he had kidnapped Gosalyn and forced Darkwing Duck (who had figured out the lullaby trick) into giving him the code. However, Darkwing managed to free himself in the nick of time and cause the machine to overload. It was destroyed for good in the subsequent explosion.

Behind the scenes

The Ram Rod is the main macguffin of the 1991 Darkwing Duck pilot, Darkly Dawns The Duck, and of its comic series adaptation, Brawl in the Family.

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