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Ratchet Gearloose was an anthropomorphic cockatoo.


Ratchet Gearloose, the son of Copernic Gearloose and Anastasia Anatryn, was a globe-trotting inventor and mechanic. Scrooge McDuck first met him in 1880 in Louisville, where he was trying to sell a chemical of his invention which could make the muddiest of waters clear as crystal. Scrooge and his uncle Pothole quickly bought his invention and hired him as a mechanic for their boat, the Dilly Dollar.[1]

In 1882, when the Dilly Dollar blew its boilers, Ratchet, now out of a job, moved to Indonesia to research ways to harvest geothermal energy as a power source for horseless carriages. The researches were cut short when the volcano he had been studying, the Krakatoa, erupted in one of the deadliest volcanic eruptions in History.[2] We only meet Ratchet again a decade later, in the Western ghost town of Pizen Bluff, where he and Scrooge McDuck are partners looking for gold in the surrounding hills,[3] with Ratchet providing technical help during the diggings.

At some point, Ratchet settled down in Duckburg (possibly having heard of Scrooge McDuck's presence in town) and married Martha Bird. He had several children, including Fulton Gearloose, who gave birth to Gyro Gearloose.

Behind the scenes

Ratchet Gearloose first appeared in 1957 in Carl Barks's story The Fantastic River Race.

Notes and references

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