Reading Comic Books Rejuvenatest is a scientific thesis book published by Professor Batty in 2014 or later.


After having written and promoted Time Has Stopped in Duckburg as a report on the strange fact that few if any Duckburgers had aged since the 1950's, and also a launchpad for a first theory of why this was so, Professor Batty abandoned this theory for another, even nuttier one: that it was the act of reading comics regularly (rather than starring in some as he had previously speculated) that made you stay young forever. Batty advertised this theory and the upcoming book during a banquet held in Duckburg Park by Donald Duck for both his various friends and acquaintances, and the poor gullible folks who had been taken in by Batty's previous book. Among others, the Beagle Boys promised to steal a copy of the book as soon as it hit the stores.

Behind the scenesEdit

Reading Comic Books Rejuvenates is mentioned in the 2014 story Family Ties.

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