NonDisney Reality Bombs are a class of superweapons.


Reality Bombs are weapons that can destroy whole universes at a time, and some, if left to generate a chain reaction, could even destroy the whole of the multiverse in time.

There exist many types of Reality Bombs; several were kept in the Crew of the Copper-Colored Cupids' Storage, and one was borrowed in 2019 by the Department of Problem-Solving in an effort to rouse the time demon Thymon. It was made up of a "large, shiny lump" of extratemporal dynamite, with an ectoplasmic fuse.

Behind the scenesEdit

Reality Bombs were first seen in medias relating to this Wiki in the 2019 short story Lord Thymon and the Department of Problem-Solving.

The Daleks (from the Doctor Who franchise, with whom the Prime Universe has had some crossover) once built a particularly fearsome reality bomb, as depicted in the 2008 television episode Journey's End. Designed by the Daleks' mad scientist of a creator, Davros, this Reality Bomb was solar-system-sized, indeed comprising 27 stolen planets as core components.

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