The “Rebellious Imp” is or was a demon.


One of the many small, and largely benign, imp-like demons who served the Devil in Hell in 1929, this little fellow, who was once tasked with milking the Hellcow, became the target of the Devil's sadistic attentions when it caught the ruler of Hell's fancy to feed some of his imps to Cerberus for his own amusement. After witnessing the death of an other imp, this one refused the Devil's command to come forward, and then ran away altogether. With Beelzebub giving chase, the Imp managed to lure him into falling in a chasm, where the Devil was seemingly consumed by the Living Hellfire.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Rebellious Imp appeared in the 1929 cartoon Hell's Bells.

According to a fan theory developed as part of the Friends and the High Council meme, the Rebellious Imp is construed as the younger self of Chernabog, who becomes the ruler of the forces of darkness as a direct result of causing the original Devil's demise, thus explaining how Chernabog can be "the Devil himself" in Fantasia despite also being a different individual from Lucifer. No such link, of course, is drawn in any piece of halfway-official media.

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