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Supreme Leader and Unquestioned General Rebo is a male Saturnian.


The centuries-old military leader of the planet Saturn, Rebo is an unbelievably egotistical dictator whose goal is to conquer the Solar System and, if possible, the entire universe. However, he suffers from an unfortunate combination of stubbornness and uncreativity that has prevented any of his attempts at even planetary-scale conquests from succeeding (though his 1936 attempt at conquering Earth did go somewhat well). By the 1960's, Rebo's madness had led to the almost complete extinction of the Saturnian people aside from himself and two generals.

Behind the scenes

Rebo debuted as the serious main antagonist of the 1936 story Saturn Against the Earth; after several more appearances in its sequels, he was drastically retooled in 1960 in Uncle Scrooge's Money Rocket, which introduced a revamped design for Rebo and a more farcical, over-the-top aspect to the character.

Voice Actors

  • Lorenzo Marte Menicucci (Saturn Against the Earth)