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Red Eye, also known as Oliver, is a male anthropomorphic rat.


Different from his twin brother only by his distinctive red eyepatch (worn over his right eye) and the colour of his jumper, Red Eye is a rogue who sailed the Black Mariah alongside his brother and Peg-Leg Pete in the 1940's. The murderous twins again assisted Pete on several subsequent schemes. Notably, during their first known caper with Pete (their 1942 attempt to steal Henry Morgan's treasure before Yellow Beak, Donald Duck and Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck), Red Eye, under the guise of an honest man, went by the name “Oliver”. Whether this was merely an alias, or Red Eye's actual birth name, is unclear.

Behind the scenes

Red Eye and his brother first appeared in the 1942 story Donald Duck Finds Pirate Gold.

Notably, the second panel of the 36th page of that story has Red Eye's eyepatch flying open, revealing an eye in every way identical to his left. It is unclear if it is a glass eye, if Red Eye is blind in his right eye out of some invisible illness as opposed to a past injury, or if there is actually nothing wrong with his eye and he simply wears the eyepatch as an affectation.