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Red Eye's Brother, whose name is a matter up for debate, is a male anthropomorphic rat.


Differentiated from his twin brother by the large golden earring he wears on his right ear, his red (instead of yellow) jumper, and his lack of Red Eye's distinctive red eyepatch, this rogue, loyal only to his own brother, sailed the Black Mariah alongside his brother and Peg-Leg Pete in the 1940's.

Behind the scenes

Red Eye's Brother made his debut alongside Red Eye himself in the seminal 1942 comic story Donald Duck Finds Pirate Gold.

He goes unnamed in the original version, but has been given a name or moniker by several translations of the story. In Italian, he is known as “Birillo”, meaning “Skittle”, while Swedish readers know him as “Gullring” (“Gold Ring”), in reference to the large earring he wears in the 1942 tale. The German translation has the brother of “Oliver” go by simply “Ratz”, which may be the family name of the two brothers rather than a nickname specific to the two-eyed rat. Finally, the Danish translations give him the colourful moniker of “Skallesmækker” — literally “clam-slammer”, a slang term for an assailant, fistfighter or skirmisher. Perhaps most notable is the mistaken French tradition which holds that “Oliver” is the name of the second brother, in direct contrast to what is shown in the original 1942 tale.