Reptile-Men are a species of alien, sentient, reptilian humanoid beings.

Description Edit

Reptile-Men stand somewhat taller than Earth Humans and resemble upright-standing crocodiles, with some features also shared with dinosaurs such as tyrannosauruses or allosauruses (notably short three-clawed forelimbs, and some black feathers which replace facial hair as eyebrows in some individuals). Reptile-Men's scales are dark green in color, with several black bands running along their back and tail.

Reptile-Man civilization is a deeply irresponsible, warmongering one — or at least, so is the one culture which came to dominate their planet at some point in the distant past. Their carelessly destructive ways ended up (in their own words) "trashing" their planet, sending them on the path of intergalactic conquest if they were to survive. The Reptile-Men succeeded in taking the Otherworld from its original inhabitants, but quickly reverted to their old ways and had nearly destroyed their new planet within a dozen centuries, give or take. In 2002, when discovering an Otherworlder-made wormhole leading directly to Earth, the Reptile-Men shortly planned to abandon the Otherworld and take it over; however, the portal was destroyed before they could enact this plan.

The Reptile-Man civilization had, at some point, obtained a breeding stock of Triceratopses, which they trained and used as bloodhounds for their army.

Behind the scenes Edit

The Reptile-Men first appeared in the story Planet of the Oafs in 2002.

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