Return of the Necktie (Le Retour du Jeudi in the original French, “Necktie” being an unofficial English rendition of that name) is a book.


Return of the Necktie, set to be released in 2006 (though later events may have prevented it) is the third of a trilogy of incredibly successful novels based on the true adventures of outer-space hero Buck Skyrunner and his sidekick Countess Leïla.

Among other plot details, it showcased the revelation that Leïla was actually the Phantom Blot's daughter (a twist that was spoiled early on the Internet).

Behind the scenesEdit

Le Retour du Jeudi is mentioned in the 2006 story Daughter of the Phantom Blot, which has never been officially printed in English.

Its original name is transparently a pun on the French title of the second Star Wars movie, Le Retour du Jedi - replacing “Jedi" with the similar-sounding "Jeudi" (“Thursday”). The title of Return of the Necktie is an unofficial speculation which strives to keep the pun intact by sound like the original English title of the spoofed movie, The Return of the Jedi.

In the Disney universe, Necktie features the reveal of the Phantom Blot being one of the heroes' father, while it is the second adventure, The Grandsire Strikes Back, which shows Leïla and Buck are related. This flips the order of reveals from the actual Star Wars, where Empire saw the reveal that Luke was the son of antagonist Darth Vader while the introduction of Luke and Leia's being related waited until Return of the Jedi.

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