Return to Neverland is an animated feature film and a sequel to Peter Pan, written by Temple Mathew and Carter Crocker and directed by Robin Budd and Donovan Cook. It features Peter Pan, Captain Hook, Mr Smee, Tinker Bell, the Lost Boys, Wendy Darling, Hook's Crew (including Jukes, Mullins, Black Murphy, Wibbles and Turk), mentions the Tick-Tock Crocodile, and features in their debuts Edward Rogers, Jane Rogers, Danny Rogers, the Neverland Octopus, and an Elderly Officer.


It's 1941, the Blitz is ravaging London, and Jane (now grown-up Weny Darling's daughter) has been forced to grow up fast and forget the joys of childhood. She refuses to believe in her mother's stories of Neverland, believing them to be nothing more than fairy tales made up to amuse and distract her and her brother. All of this changed when she is kidnapped by Captain Hook, who, confusing her for Wendy herself, hopes to lure in Peter Pan by holding his dear friend hostage. Peter soon rescues her from Hook's grip, but she's still marooned on Neverland, since she can't (and is unwilling to learn how to) fly. Her situation (and her unwillingness to bear the "childish" Lost Boys' company) make her the prime target for a new scheme by Hook…


Behind the scenesEdit

Released in 2002, the film serves as a direct sequel to the 1953 film Peter Pan.

Deleted MaterialEdit

An earlier storyboarded version of the first seen of Captain Hook and Mr Smee in Neverland showed Smee polishing Hook's rapier.

Tinker Bell's arc initially revolved on her being poisoned by a cake actually sent by Captain Hook. As they felt it was too reminescent of the birthday-present plot point of the first film, the screenwriters cut it and replaced it with an element from Barrie's books that hadn't been used in the first film, namely that a child stating their don't believe in fairies to one's face leads to the fairy's death.

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